Hollow bones; episode five

I look in the bathroom mirror of my private room like a Munch’s scream.  I am so tired and bewildered from three months of sleepless nights, the result of suddenly coming off a prescribed sedative after a period of ten years and I look and feel more than a thousand years old.

Then the nurse arrives in the room to take the blood, she smiles and remarks “You look well today”…..it’s six am.

She is so beautiful, her dark hair shines and under the lamp she sparkles like a diamond.  She smells so fantastic.

I can hear our future standing on a whirling roundabout in a playground shouting with their friends inside my head.

My bones creak from the pressure of yesterday’s manic dancing.

Only two weeks more of treatment to go and then I will be back home with my mum.

However, I have the tough part to come before that happens.


© Sean P. Ransom

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