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TelecasterThe day began late, as I was tired from a long night and early morning setting up this blog site and uploading photos for the benefit of new visitors.

However, I was out of the front door by ten fifteen and as I drove down the dual carriageway in the bright sunshine to meet my friend Richard at his apartment for a jam session, I thought about how much I love this planet.

Richard and I set up in the communications room and he played the harmonica, while I played the acoustic guitar that I keep in the boot of the car for use on such occaisions.

Afterwards we had a pleasurable drive along the country lanes before joining a fairly busy motorway that runs past the town and back again.

We do this regularly and Richard enjoys having a ‘spin round the block’ as we call it.  He really is a funny man and we have a good laugh.

After I had dropped Richard back home, I went to meet up with Paul, Beverley and Michael for a walk around the main lake in the town.  Paul is the organiser of the walking group and we chatted as we walked around the lake about both the state of the local music scene and the bigger picture.

I feel that Paul is a man of generous spirit and I enjoyed our musical conversation today.

I popped home and picked up the telecaster from the living room wall, where it is generally kept, locked the front door and made my way to a local studio where I met drummer Mick for our weekly Wednesday band practice.

We are part of a musical trio called ‘Upcycler’, however Allan the bassist could not attend today and so Mick and I went through the set without him.

I experimented with a miniature guitar tuner today that I purchased online and it appears to function really well.  It looks rather neat and stylish attached to the telecaster headstock and was indeed good value for money.

Mick and I breezed through the set with no hitches, even having enough time for a coffee at the halfway point.

We haven’t performed as a band yet and time will tell if we can ‘cut the mustard’ so to speak.   I’m sure that we can do well because we have the chemistry and ability that is required to make a success of our venture.

I phoned my friend Sarah and she asked if I could get her some milk and so after the practice I popped into the nearest garage to obtain some supplies.

I delivered the milk to Sarah and we had an interesting conversation about computers and her pussy cat, the latter of which Sarah has affectionately named ‘Whisper’.

The poor cat has a cyst on its neck and has had a collar fitted by the vet which prevents it from hiding under the sofa, it’s usual course of action when I appear on a visit.

This pussy cat is a rather timid animal, perhaps they all are to some degree.

I am home now and have cooked pepper soup with potatoes for tea.

It’s been a fun and lovely day, although the weather is beginning to become rather chilly compared to that of a few weeks ago.







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