The rain today

Outside it’s cold, wet and dark as I write these words.

The cold has got into my bones and not much has occurred in the general scheme of things today.

I was told earlier that it would be unlikely that I can succeed with plans to take the British government through the courts in due legal process for their shocking handling of the so-called ‘care in the community’ policy.

Many individuals were discharged from hospitals all over the UK with little and often no property whatsoever as was the case in ones own situation.

Many ended up on the streets – I feel sure of that.

I was just lucky that this I did not suffer this same fate.

It was, upon consideration and and in one’s own opinion, nothing more than a property and land grab.

There was a large psychiatric hospital nearby emptied and sold for flats to the highest bidder.

I need legal support and those affected by this appalling and disgraceful misuse of power to come forward and form some union that will enable us all to regain our rights.

If a country has a duty to those of its citizens that are mentally unwell,  which every forward thinking nation nowadays accepts.

Then those responsible for the cruel implementation of ‘care in the community’ will be harshly judged by the rest of the modern world.


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