Deep in fog

IMG_20181106_082351[1]It has been a few days since I last entered one of my newly famous blogs.

I awoke to a thick blanket of fog this morning and ventured out to get some provisions from the local store.  It does now seem that autumn is edging itself into winter in these parts.

I have had some myalgia lately, these muscle pains that I have I think of as an ‘aftershock’ from the chemotherapy treatment that I had when suffering from the Leukaemia that I am now, well and truly in remission for.

I shall prevail with the positivity in attitude of mind and body that I adopted while staying in hospital for seven months almost exactly one year ago.

The mind and the body respond well to positivity and I can surely be one to vouch for that!


The band is going from strength to strength since I last entered a blog and we have a practice tomorrow and a new songs lined up to work on.  I am really looking forward to the precise tuning that the new tuner I tried last week offers.  I shall see if I can gather some band photos tomorrow for these pages if Mick and Allan agree to it.

I have also been working on the band logo which they both happily approve of.

Otherwise not that much has occurred.

I visited the local town rugby club on Sunday morning to see what was happening there and to make plans with the chairman of the club for the band’s first performance as we are hoping to play there one evening before Christmas.

Yesterday afternoon I played a game of dice with my friend Pad at the local motorway service station over a mug of coffee or two and some interesting conversation.

As it was Guy Fawkes night yesterday, and wishing to avoid all the crowds I went for a burger and a drink with my friend Simon at a public house.

My friend Dave is visiting this afternoon and I am looking forward to having his company right now, so ’till next time I will sign off and wish you all a lovely, happy day.

Wherever you are remember that it’s only the weather and it will do as it will.




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