Band practice

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The band practice this afternoon went well.

We have a warm-up gig planned for the run up to Christmas and the logo has been approved by the other members.

I have a new pedal to try out before next week, an overdrive with distortion which would be useful when it comes to soloing and bringing the lead parts of the guitar to the front of the sound that we produce.


I think that the sound that I have on the telecaster could be worked on further and I plan to purchase a wha pedal for the rockier numbers.

As for the other members, well I am as pleased as punch with their respective sounds, and they too seem to be happy.

Obviously we will continue to need to work hard on this project as a unit and I can see many good times ahead for our trio.

I was also busy after the practice and I have registered the band’s name online and designed an identification banner for our backdrop, to be used at gigs whenever they occur in the future.


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