Trip to London


I had a trip to London yesterday for some medical tests to determine whether the four chemotherapy cycles that I was treated with in hospital nearly one year ago have affected fertility.

The day began at 10am with a superb cooked breakfast at the nearby local community centre and then a short drive to the railway station.

I then travelled to London on a direct, uncrowded train.

It was a bit wet weatherise and so I decided that I would walk from the railway terminal to the hospital, a journey that I am used to which takes about ten minutes.

When I got to the hospital I visited some of the nurses on the ward where I stayed for the best part of seven months last year when I had acute myeloid leukaemia.

I gave the nurses some hand made key fobs and whistles as Christmas gifts, (see featured image), then went for the routine test appointment in another wing of the hospital.

I then walked back to the station and travelled back home on another direct train.

I was back by 4pm.

I will have to wait in for a phone call on Monday when I will get the test results back.


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