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IMG_20181111_084201[1]Last night was fun.

I drove my mum and her friend Rosalie to see a performance of a band at their local community centre.

My mum Jackie, lives in a town nearby my home town of Stevenage and it takes about a quarter of an hour to drive there along the motorway.

My mum and Rosalie enjoyed themselves and the music was a good mix of classic rock numbers from a particularly tight and experienced four piece outfit.

We were given forms from the community centre management to enlist as members and no time was wasted in welcoming the new faces on the scene to their social club.

While the band were performing I wandered around the estate and grabbed a sandwich and a cigar for later from the local stores and then sat in the car listening to the radio while the others partied.

I dropped my mum and Rosalie back to their homes at eleven pm and drove back to Stevenage for an early night.

I was in bed before midnight.

Also yesterday something unusual happened.

I received a letter in the post from the opticians.  This had one’s name spelt wrongly on the envelope.  Funnily enough I was being told in the letter that they had corrected my personal details after a previous error.

I don’t know whether to be cross or laugh.

Today, I have been up since five am.  I had a breakfast of rice, mushrooms and eggs and decided to tell the opticians what I thought about the misspelling of one’s name and so filled in an online complaint form.

I am going to work on some new songs for Wednesday’s band practice shortly and perhaps go for a short walk later to ease the myalgia in my back which has become quite sore recently.

The weather is gloomy and damp outside, however the sun is trying to come out now and due to a day of rain yesterday and the night before the ground is waterlogged.

Love and happiness to the planet.




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