‘Care in the community’- ‘One hell of an experience’.

I lived in a garage with a motorbike that I was too ill to ride.

The government advocated ‘Care in the community’ in the early nineties without giving it any thought.

It was a crime!

The public were afraid and the patients were even more so.

There was nothing , only a visit from someone with a needle once each month with a stupifying injection.

We traped and wandered the streets without property everyday for most of the day, sometimes not being dressed properly or clean.

How many may have died I do not know?

I can’t keep count of the times that we came close to being knocked down because we were over-medicated with rubbish and powerfully acting toxins.

A government jeopardising the lives of the most vulnerable.

We now have plans to sue this government.

Thank you to those that have tried to help us.