The week just gone.

This week was quite interesting.

I met up with my friend Dave in Rickmansworth on Sunday and spent the day with him fixing the heater on his car. 

We also went for a meal in a good pub which had an Irish theme.

The food was nice and we both enjoyed the ample servings of nut roast and a few drinks.

Dave is a rockabilly star who has made several good records over the years.

Rickmansworth is quite a long drive from where I live in Stevenage and involves an hour or so behind the wheel along some busy stretches of motorway.  I left at nine am. and got home around six pm. 

It was a cold day on Sunday.

I had a blood test in London on Tuesday which all went well although the weather was rather wet and cold.

Outside the hospital is a large christmas tree that pronounces to those around that it is that time of year already (see photo).

It’s been a year nearly to the day since I got discharged from the ward at the London hospital where I had seven months of treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia and I have spent all of that year since then gladly in remission.

I like travelling to London on the train and treat it like a day out.

I do miss the nurses at the hospital though, because they were so very beautiful and I was treated extremely well and professionally by them.  They are indeed a credit to the NHS.


I always call in on them when I visit the hospital for theses routine blood tests and say ‘hello’, I have been taught so much about positivity of mind and spirit by them.

I also received good fertility results on Tuesday from the lab. 

I am fifty-two now and if I were to have the chance to start a family I would, although I realise that I have left these ruminations somewhat late in life.

Still, who knows!



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