Twiggy the stick.

I feel that the stick insects that I have reared from small nymphs are now fully grown.
They become increasingly active at night and are known to tap each others abdomens in order to stimulate asexual reproduction.
They often crawl on top of each other. This I have happily enjoyed observing on many occaisions.
They can also move remarkably quickly when they need to, especially when they have their daily water spray.
They are fascinating creatures to observe and apart from at night they remain quite dosile and stay generally at the bottom of the tank resting on their bellies.
There are a group of five in the terarium, two large (see photo) and three small. The two largest are the females and the three smaller insects are the males.
The largest of these insects, aptly named ‘twiggy’ has re-grown a limb completely to it’s original size in a matter of months.
Whether the animals I have reared, have the conditions necessary to reproduce remains to be seen.
What is certain is that the lifespan of these interesting and beautiful creatures is coming to it’s end and it is doubtful that they will live for many months more.

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