Your lips taste like honey,

Your smile can melt a tear.

Your love surrounds the cosmos,

There is magic when you’re near.


Looks gifted by an angel,

No words that I could speak.

To gaze upon your beauty,

New passion’s running deep.


And when we are together,

Your spirit lights the moon.

There’s magic all around you,

When you dance within the room.


These crazy patterns spin,

I begin to think too much.

About the feeling and the aura,

Of a single passing touch.


The night wraps itself around us,

Your eyes could light a fire,

Glowing like the embers,

The sky could be our treasure.


There are planets that surround us,

There’s a mountain up on Mars.

Where I gaze upon your symmetry,

Far beyond the stars.


© Sean P. Ransom.