Forever for You

silhouette of person under starry night artwork
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I live now, lonely and forever,

On a burning planet in the sun.

I’m feeling love falling gently,

Like drops of rain from a tree,

To the desert’s stony ground.

We are alone,

As when we played beside a mountain stream,

before I was young.


I am a sleeping giant,

Your passion is the prize.

A thimbleful of heaven,

is all I need.

I followed a leaf,

Drifting in the sky towards the earth.

I looked through a crystal sphere,

And smelled your hair.


I dream to dance the world,

And kiss your winning smile.

We’ll swim the waves,

Of a beautifully tranquil ocean,

Which reflects the stars.

And walk together,

in an everlasting oasis of delight.

… As we imagine the impossible.

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I have grown up around music and realise it's universality. I aim to enable as many individuals to come together for peace and love throughout the world. I have specialist knowledge and enjoy all things happy and fun.. 😃

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