7th Heaven

Living in the city

I had to step upon the jetty

Rolling down the runway

I had to fly into the sun

I saw you when I was older

And now I need to love you

All that I can think of is your lips

And having fun.


I knew you when I was younger

But I didn’t think you’d want me

Your hair is as beautiful

As rainfall in the desert

All that I can think of is loving

Every minute

The only thing to do is to kiss your lips

And have some fun


The truth when it hit me

Was as blinding as the lightning

That blew in through the window

When I opened up the curtain

Your ears are fantastic

I want to whisper to you softly

That all I want to do is kiss your lips

And have some fun.


I knew it in an instant

I felt it in a second

I knew that I’d found the key to seventh heaven


© Sean P. Ransom.

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