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Remember that February is traditionally and statistically a dry month so don’t get concerned if we don’t get much rain, although I think that there may be some snow forecast in some parts of Hertfordshire on the higher ground as the next few weeks progress.

I have made some calculations and I recon that we are in until 15th February, Capricorn being a fixed earth element.

To which sign do you belong in the thirteen symbol zodiac?

(See diagram 1.)

You are sure to find your perfect match here!

If you are looking for someone special, then look no further!

Capricorn is symbolised as a goat, a sea goat with a fish’s tail in fact.

Goats can be tough creatures and like to be in control, and that means that for the most part, if you are a Capricorn then your timing is impeccable. Goats often live on mountains (unless of course they swim in the sea).  Please also remember that when constellations were described long-a-go, the ‘going’s on beneath the waves was much of a mystery.  (Perhaps on some far-away star, one of these creatures really exists).

Often goats can anticipate things coming before they occure and if you have a sign such as this, then this will give you an almost uncanny knack for preemtion and wisdom.  Afterall, a goat can tell when a wintry storm is coming and will wander down the mountain to where the weather is better before the weather turns.

Please also remember that your cosmic profile may have been in flux for a while, as even though the cosmos turns slowly in relation to us, it has been turning for quite some time since the twelve sign zodiac was first recorded.

 If you are born in a capricorn sun sign, then you wouldn’t be going far wrong to find romance with a Sagitarian.

You could find a Leo or even a Gemini and you’d probably be happy, but for love a Sagitarian is best.

There is a proverb that goes, ‘for every Jack there is a Jill’ so please be patient…..your time will come x

Also remember to date safely and let someone know where you are going and that for all the hard work I put in to introducing everyone, sometimes love, romance lustfullness and attraction just comes completely out of the blue when we least expect it.

Look out for scorpios also.

Good luck!!!





Diagram 1.

zodiac dates1-1

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