A Happy Time.

Up to the morning, daylight wakes us,

The sun clears the cloudy sky,

What to do today? She smiles,

And she gets the breakfast.


I fill up the car and we cruise around,

Along the road and up to the car-park,

With a picnic we meander around the lakes,

To find a quiet place.


We talk of our lucky love,

That connects us in a tender romance,

Like two ships sailing on your horizons,

With a troop of swans doing the waltz.


We enjoy rice cakes and sip at our fruit juices,

While the fish are playing in the shallows,

Marshmallows and peanut butties,

On days like these we feel so happy.


The birds sing in the warm and gentle breeze,

And I wish I had the rods along,

When a huge green fin breaks the surface,

And we laugh and kiss, so long and deep.


A few hours later, when we return.

I feel the warmth of her cheek,

I also glow red and rosy from the sun.

In the evening we twirl and dance around the room.


© Sean P. Ransom.



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