A Day at the Zoo


We started off early and I picked up some friends.

We drove for a while around narrow bends.


We arrived at the zoo for a picnic and coffee,

The sandwiches we made were a little bit squashy.


We saw flaming flamingo and pygmy hippo.

The ring-tailed lemur were out, not long after the snow.


Seeing tigers and bison was such a treat,

It was a long way to walk around the park on two feet.


I collected the car from the carpark and entered the gate

By that time, it was getting quite late.


We saw some gangly stork and a stealthy young lynx,

The rhino and camel were creating a stink.


I picked up our group and we went around again,

And we ended up in the elephant pen.


We had a discussion about how far wilder beast roam,

And cracked jokes as we headed off home.


The day was such fun and the weather was fine.

We will do it again some other time.


We all enjoyed our fantastic day out,

The next time we visit we’ll give you a shout.

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