‘Upcycler’ Update.

Hi Everyone

‘Upcycler’ are back in the studio rehearsal rooms on a weekly basis looking for our next gigs to play and sounding great.

The rugby club appearance in December went well and it was a good night.  We were supported by a very competent musical outfit by the name of ‘The Greater Good’ and so the audience were treated to two musical sets over the duration of the evening.

Considering that the Hertfordshire weather was squally at best, it was well attended.

Allan and Mick are both fully on board now and we have some new songs, cover versions of popular numbers, played in our own heavy style.

I am going to visit a friend in the USA in March for eleven days and the band plan to go out and play on the open mic circuit in and around Stevenage when I return.

The band met yesterday and I think it was the most enjoyable musical session which I have had!

It was quite a long break that we had after the rugby club gig, due to my father passing away on the run-up to Christmas.  I am still full of grief for the loss.Upcycler logo.

I draw comfort from having a supportive band.  Allan and Mick have been fantastic and I have been given as much time off as I need.

My father and I were very close and he is the inspiration for much of the music that I play.  I can remember him singing and playing his guitar to my brothers and sister while we were growing up, from an early age.  He was a good father.

I will write some more in tribute my Dad, Patrick in another blog in the future when I feel ready to do this.

Love to you all,




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