A great night in Camden, London NW1.


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A group of us travelled into London on the train to a see a performance by a band that starred a mutual friend.

Camden on a Friday night at The Dublin Castle (a large pub with a music room at the back) was buzzing with energy.  The gig was well attended and rightly so.  There were some cool and trendy individuals in the crowd to see the four, well rehearsed and equally cool and trendy bands perform their musical sets.

This music was varied and of a high quality.  The sound man did an amazing job tweaking the buttons and adjusting the faders and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening.

We had a fantastic time and partied into the night.  Eventually we arrived home on the train in the early hours of the morning.

Dublin Castle is a well established venue and is famous for having many up and coming acts over the years.  Most notably the band ‘ Madness’ and there are many references to this band, throughout the pub.

As you know, I have been in remission for leukaemia for the last year and a half and over the duration of the function, the friends that I have kept a close eye to check to see whether I was okay and not getting too tired.

I do get tired from time to time from the chemotherapy treatment.  Even though I had this treatment a while ago now.

I felt the love everywhere last night.  I do surely have some fantastic friends.

Albeit, that I was a tad tired after a while,  I still found the energy to have a good boogie and time to show off some of one’s dance moves. 😉

I plan to go to another gig tonight to support the local Stevenage music scene at the studio where the band that I am part of, (Upcycler) have their weekly band practice.

Love to you all,


From Sean.

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