Local Music Performance Attendance With a Friend.

Mark and Clint at the Pracice roomz

Photo courtesy of The Practice Roomz, Stevenage.

Hi Everyone,

I got invited to a show at one of our local studios, which was showcasing some home grown talent.  I picked up a friend from the fish and chip shop at the end of the road and we embarked on the short drive to Stevenage old Town.

There were three acts performing tonight, although when we arrived we’d missed the first performer, I heard later that she was pretty good anyhow from various others.

I will make a note to see another one of her performances in the near future!

We caught the full shows from the other two acts.  One solo performer singing and playing acoustic guitars in various unusual tunings.  A fully rounded folky performance of originals with a rather sweet young girl singing with him at the end of his set.

The headline act was an artist from the local area who is becoming well established in his funk/rock music both locally and in the wider scene.  He plays regularly at some of the smaller festivals in the UK and has a number of recordings under his belt.  He really is a journeyman when it comes to his performances.

He was at his usual best tonight and using his acoustic guitar and guitar effects pedal combination while singing.  He played mainly his own material and a few nicely worked cover versions assisted by a quality drummer performing in support playing a ‘cajon’ which the drummer actually makes himself in a workshop above the studio.

My friend was impressed with the show and it’s attendance.  It was the first time that he had been to the studio.  He has a concise knowledge of produced music and we chatted at length to the gentleman on the reception desk about various bands and genres of rock and jazz music in the interval.

The gig had an early finish and so I dropped my friend off at his favourite pub in the high street and I came home via the petrol station where I filled up the motor car.

I have a fairly long drive later, however not before I meet an old school friend for a coffee and a catch-up at 9am, again in the Old town of Stevenage.

I enjoyed tonight’s gig immensely and I even had a pleasant short conversation with a former associate whom I hadn’t met for many years while I was there.



Love from Sean.

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