A Morning Walk Around Fairland’s Lakes.


Hi Everyone,

The lakes at Fairlands Valley in Stevenage are unusual in that they cannot be seen from any road in the town apart from the entrance roads.

I walked around this park today in the sunshine and the relatively warm, mild weather.

There were the usual crowds of dog walkers, rows of course anglers on the bankside and the general park-going public.  I sat on a bench and thought about how nice the park looked, notwithstanding the carelessly thrown litter that spoils the experience.

I usually walk all the way around the three lakes, which takes about half an hour, however today I sat on the bench and contemplated the injustice of the world today.

Injustices in Education, Housing, Health and freedoms of speech including varying forms of oppression from many of the powerful that use economic leverage against the average man.

If only life were fairer for us all!

Here in the UK I believe it has become a ‘snooper’ state, with cameras wherever we look.

I often wonder how much these people who watch us get paid, how much all these surveillance operations cost and whether those individuals behind the cameras get some kick out of watching the majority of us members of public going about our peaceful business?

‘The powers that be’ believe that it saves money, which is a rather oddly imbalanced solution to any problem regarding matters of security in one’s opinion.

I am sure though that some draw comfort from having cameras everywhere willy ni’lly.  I find it particularly bizarre however and bordering on perverse.


Love to you all.

From Sean

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