Yesterday’s Trip to Rickmansworth.

Yesterday morning I was up out of bed at 7.30am, had some breakfast cereal and then went out to meet an old school friend at a global brand coffee shop in the old town.  I haven’t seen this friend for almost a year. We had a good catch-up.

We spoke about bees, (amongst other topics) over our coffee, as he recently started to keep these delightful animals as a hobbyist.  I am glad that, where my old friend is concerned his hive of bees is doing well and the creatures have begun to collect pollen after our incredibly mild winter here in the UK.

He lives in Stockport in Greater Manchester where I plan to visit him to meet him again for a weekend in the summer.

I then drove the Renault Modus to a town called Rickmansworth just northwest of London to visit and support a musical associate who lives in a field, homeless in a caravan.

The traffic on the journey was light and it was a beautiful sunny morning.

When I arrived he had his fire burning and the kettle was perched precariously on top of it ready for more drinks of coffee.

I gave some him some advice and helped him explore some options to get him out of his homeless position.

After a while we decided that we would go for some lunch at a pub named ‘The Waterside’ which served us with a good value and pleasant nut roast and drinks.  (although I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t mind having a soft drink instead).

I didn’t stay long in Rickmansworth and was home by 4.30pm.   Again the sun held out for the trip home along the M25, A404 and the A1 roads.

I will now, make a quick reference to seeing the fantastic sight of a group of circling and swooping red kites when leaving the pub, these birds have been in decline for many years , they have however made a strong comeback in this area over the last decade or so.

I slept well last night.

It’s 9.30am here in Stevenage now and I have been out for a walk around the block, again it is going to be a nice sunny day here and the remnants of a full moon looms large and generally unnoticed in the blue sky, with temperatures expected to reach 15 degrees centigrade later.


It’s the usual chaos early on a school morning here, when even on a bright sunny morning such as we have now, the parents of local schoolchildren clog up the roads with their large cars on the so-called ‘school run’.


Love to you all.



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