This Morning’s Filming at the Lakes.

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I started the day off early at 9am with a vegetarian cooked breakfast at Timebridge, the local community centre in the Stevenage suburb of Chells.

Then I met a friend who had volunteered to be a cameraman and a cinematographer in the creating of some video footage with a camcorder which will be used to accompany a song that I have already written some time ago.

We met at the café at Fairland’s lakes on a gorgeous sunny morning.

We did some filming around the lake being careful not to have any park-goers in the shots and had a hot drink in the café afterwards.  My friend also had a nice looking biscuit topped with sweets.  I didn’t have one because I had enjoyed a full breakfast earlier.

Within half an hour we had done the job and I paid our cameraman for his expenses.

We made an additional short few minutes of footage of my friend saying hello to his relatives in the café using the camcorder and then I drove him to Shephall, a suburb of Stevenage where he had to be for another meeting.

I am home now.

I now have the editing process to complete, which I plan to do later this afternoon.

Love to you all,

From Sean

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