A Trip to The Baldock Services.

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I was in bed early last night.  I decided that it had been quite a busy day yesterday with the filming at the lakes and the laborious editing of the ‘Apaché Gold’ video and that I would have an early night, (I was in bed by 10pm).

I awoke at 1.30am and mooched lazily around the flat for a while and had a bowl of cereal.   I know that it is unhealthy to eat late at night, however I did feel quite peckish.  Afterwards, I went back to sleep and slept comfortably until 8am.

The sleep is much improved recently after the problems that I had two years ago.  I will write more on the subject of sleep in the weeks ahead.

I have been online making new friends while using a Facebook page.  Life is becoming really lonely at the moment.  I have been introduced online to individuals in both the Philippines and Madagascar, and it really is amazing how we can communicate simply and easily around the globe with the power of the internet and the technology which we have at our disposal.

At about 10.30am, I drove along the A1(M) to the Baldock services and had a nice cup of coffee there when I arrived served in a tin cup that I had brought along so as to save on waste from using a disposal vessel.  Again, we have a beautiful sunny day here in the county of Hertfordshire and this being so, I sat outside the service station on this occasion, in weather which could be mistaken for that of the middle of spring.

Parked up nearby there was a smart new fire engine.  The crew were having a nice break in the sunshine and seemed to be enjoying their coffee and cakes.

I also did some writing today and thought about two relatively unknown quantities:

  • The brain and the mind and the relationship between these two entities.

It is apparent from today’s notes that I have some interesting insights into many fascinating concepts.  Indeed, I have worked and studied hard and to a high level and also have access to some good information in the specialist books that I have found to be available, from keen deduction and from other, more unusual sources.

I perched the clock on the table at the café, wound it up and thought about how I can make some money from using the wisdom and experience that I have in order to begin to consult with organisations.   I would like to help those in need, with the experience and also with the insightful knowledge that I have gained.

I have this mechanical clock especially for these purposes.

I drove home from the service station to the sound of electronic pop music playing on the radio stereo system.

I have also had band practice today with Mick at the studio where we met at 2pm.  Allan couldn’t attend though.

We played some of our favourite numbers and chatted to Clint on the reception.

Clint always makes an extra effort to ensure that we are settled into the space, which we book for the duration of two hours at a time and often also makes us a hot drink.  We in the band ‘Upcycler’ enjoy our weekly meeting and this enjoyment shows in the music that we play.

I am back home now and enjoying a good egg roll with an ample dollop of salsa as a mid-afternoon meal/snack.

I am going to put the kettle on now and have a cup of coffee.  I have recently switched to the use of a much cheaper brand because presently the money situation is rather tight.

Love to you all,


From Sean.


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