Aquarius – ‘The Water Bearer’


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Hi Everyone,

That time has come, The marvelous phenomenon of our sun is well and truly in the thirteenth constellation of Aquarius (Translated from Latin as the ‘cup carrier’.)

(16th of February until 11th of March.)

Be careful in love and don’t hide your emotions, if you feel like having a yell at someone then go for it, if you feel happy especially, then show off you winning smile and feel the love!  Be wary of being too honest also.  Be honest sure, however keep something back in reserve for yourself.

Also find yourself someone who has a good hobby as you will do better with relationships and love.  If you have a hobby, perhaps join an enthusiasts group.  For example kite flying is an overlooked hobby these days.  Join a kite flying group and you are sure to meet someone.

I have lots of hobbies, they can be interesting and wide-ranging.  Also remember that sport is not really a hobby, it can be sometimes, although not veritably often.

Remember that you need sun signs that compliment you.

Your element is air.

Capricornians, sharing a ruling planet of Saturn can make them go quite unnoticed as prospective romantic partners, however you can be sure that they are planning for love behind their anonymity and a Capricornian would be an ideal lover once they step from behind the scenes. (You could even meet someone unexpected at the photocopier machine if you work in a busy office. Please remember though, that paper is a rare resource these days.)

I have a feeling that perhaps someone has been planning a romantic gesture for you!

Cancerians are good with hobby’s and also an Ophiuchan would be another good choice with their abundance of understanding empathy and inner strength.

You may find a Virgo would be your ideal match though I recon’.  They can be perfectionists, so expect someone who has these qualities.  Perhaps if they are standing in the mirror for many hours a day, they may well be too much of a perfectionist for you.  They also talk about the weather a lot and make good weather forecasters.

Best of luck and please remember to date safely.

Basic common sense obviously.  Let someone know where you are going to meet and also meet where there are plenty of others around.

I will give some more general advice for dating in the next blog.


Love from Sean


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