Sleep Problems Leading Up to Leukaemia Diagnosis. Lawyers required.

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I was put on a sedative drug for a badly diagnosed psychiatric problem.

The psychiatry of today will be ridiculed in the next ten years at a guess. And the patients who’s lives that those involved have ruined with drugs that don’t work and therapies  that don’t help will be compensated I hope.

I put up with this medicine with its regular blood tests in a hospital setting, for what they call treatment resistant schizophrenia, for approximately ten years.  Basically I came out of the University of Warwick and was cajoled into seeing a doctor round about the year of 1991 and from that point on I have been pursued by these so-called psychiatric services for a total of nearly thirty years of what I would consider to be sheer hell on earth.

I am left with nothing:

  • No degree.
  • No family of my own.
  • No job.
  • No money and debt laden.
  • No property.

Anyway, I got a red blood test result one day, and got called in by the nurse.  I knew something was wrong, as I began to cycle slower and slower on the regular lonely rides that I used to embark upon around the town.

The nurse and the doctor stopped the medicine and prescribed something different without a sedative.

I had no sleep for THREE MONTHS, occasionally a few minutes, although nothing more than that.

It’s hard enough having to fight leukaemia, tough to fight it though with three months of sleep deprivation and I plan to sue.

Everyone likes a positive story, I’m sorry you won’t get one here!

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