New Friends and Old Friends.


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Hi Everyone,

I have got some new friends to chat with, whom I have met whilst being online from different parts of the world, those places being both the Philippines and Madagascar.

I have friends that are new and old. It is good to have friends.

Some of the old friends that I have, have been friends of mine for many years, in fact stretching back to secondary school days, some forty years ago when we first met and played music together.

Today I went to visit an old musical friend and his family, where I was kindly cooked a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast by him and his partner.

We had a good catch up and some interesting musical conversations.

My friend, his partner and I, were also treated to a saxophone rendition and demonstration by his teenage son today who has just begun to learn this instrument.  Veritably good he was too, on his shiny new saxophone!

He played a simple, short piece.  I recognised this from the ‘Indestructables’ film, although I couldn’t recall the exact title of the tune.

His parents were extremely proud of him and beamed huge smiles as their son translated the notes from the page.  He was somewhat shy to begin with, although he soon won us over with his playing and came out of his proverbial shell towards the end of the piece as he grew in confidence.

The couple also have a daughter who has begun working at a service station.  She looked pretty and smartly dressed in her uniform as she prepared for the afternoon shift.

As I explained earlier, my friend and I have played music together ever since we were at school.  In fact we have been jamming and playing in bands for many years, starting out as a rock band in the nineteen-eighties with both of us playing and performing on the guitar.

We have played at some nice venues over the years, in London and in our local town of Stevenage and also in the surrounding area.

We had a nice time today as we always do.

We also spent some time today looking at his garden pond.

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In his small garden pond there is frogspawn, many frogs and clouds of tadpoles nestled and swimming amongst the lillypads. We discussed whether any birds prey upon these amphibians?  We think that herons eat frogs, however we are not fully convinced.

I have also visited my mother today in Letchworth, which is only a short drive away from my where my friend and his family resides.

My mother seemed happy and well,

Love from


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