Bernie the Frog.

green frog on lily pad
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I had a frog called Bernie,

A happy frog was he.

(Such riveting company).


He swallowed flies galore,

Hopped and bounced around the floor.

(Green, just like the colour of my door).


Lillies were his leafy seat,

And he had pads upon his feet.

(He croaked at every bird he’d meet.)


A duck, it flew at him from the sky,

Bernie did think that he would die.

(So he sprung beneath a brick to hide).


His mouth was wide with a happy grin,

‘Cos the duck it landed upon it’s chin.

(And spun into a large dustbin).


Under the brick there was a toad,

Who’d made itself a sweet abode.

(The toad pushed Bernie on the road).


He liked to swim, he liked to hop,

Bernie felt as if he’d never stop.

(But soon he would be for the chop).


He heard a rumble from afar,

And got squashed under the tyres of a car.

(Once upon a time he was a tadpole in a jar).


I miss my frog,

Like I miss my dog.

(My dog got crushed under a log).


I think of Bernie quite a lot,

The greatest pet that I’d ever got.

(Now a dizzy duck is all I’ve got).












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