I dreamt the sweetest dreams of you last night.

I dreamt that you wore the most beautiful and fragrant scent of jasmine and rose petals, which engaged the imagination and softly caressed and enlivened the senses.

Delicate, pretty and tiny flowers were tucked loosely and woven, neatly adorning your silky, nut-brown hair.

You always were the epitome of fun and love itself.

I was beside you and you were seated comfortably in your chair on an aeroplane beside the window. Dressed so marvelously and casually colourful, from head to toe for the coming summer heatwave.

With your fingers so nimble and gentle, curling the tight, springy ringlets so carefully and neatly arranged.

I remember that you glanced up smiling from the concentration which you employed upon your glossy fashion magazine.

Then you put your fingers to your lips as if to hush, pointing and gesturing out of the aeroplane window at the sprawling city below, with its population waking to the dawn.

Then you turn back and raise both eyebrows. You look so happy. I also know that look so well!

You always portray a winning smile that can melt this iceberg heart even though I am so often deep in thought . The full dimensions of the mass of my icy heart rarely seen beneath the surface.

You break the ice in this man each and every time.

We were held aloft in the sky cruising silently abord a comfortable jet aircraft, high above the city. Flying towards our destination into a rising sun, enriched by good vibrations and a lucky, happy coincidence.

With our time, so vacation abandoned, with time zones ever changing, as the magnificent giant phenomenon of our celestial star’s dawn breaks so splendidly over the ocean beaches, with all its power, warmth and it’s life giving intentions.

An all uniting, glowing, and spinning force giving light and strength to our uncertain, yet mainly happy world.

I dream of you and our summer sun on our long awaited holiday and all is well. I am filled with joy and I am so in love with you.


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I have grown up around music and realise it's universality. I aim to enable as many individuals to come together for peace and love throughout the world. I have specialist knowledge and enjoy all things happy and fun.. 😃

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