One-Track Mind.

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You said that I was the one,

So it’s off to the bedroom, with your ‘come to bed’ eyes,

Take that dress off, loosen those black leggings.

Can you help? I need to unwind,

Don’t you know, I’ve got a one track mind.

You say why procreate?

When all our kids will get, is state abuse and global hate.

You could be right, but not tonight.

You could never come when I was so far behind,

Don’t you know, I have a one-track mind.

I have recycled rubber in abundance,

Latex in the rubber,

I’m a happy clubber,

When we bump and grind,

Don’t you know, I’ve got a one-track mind.

Take a peek into the cupboard,

The rubbers are piling up high,

I’ve got the thrill, take the pill,

I never knew you to be so unkind,

Don’t you know, I’ve got a one-track mind.

Start a collection,

I need some affection,

There never was a girl named Johnny,

Passion all night, for us to find,

Don’t you know, I’ve got a one-track mind.

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