I am a bit late with Pisces predictions as I’ve been on vacation.
There are some interesting things happening in the cosmos. I followed the developments of some of the comets and asteroids and I am therefore a tad behind.
If you are dating another Pisces, then it doesn’t matter too much, you are kind of bound together and unless you are both pulling in exactly the same direction, then perhaps try something different. Finding common, complimentary ground is the key here.
Of all the constellations, Pisces is the most demanding and tricky.
A fish on a line is one thing, however, the sign is depicted classically as two tied fish tails.
The two fish are Venus and Cupid, they used a strategy to escape a sea monster, according to legend.
So in order to be with another Pisces, you are really only going to be successful if you both pull equally and cooperate intuitively.
Perhaps a better choice would be a Leo or an Aries, depending on your unique characteristics as a Pisces
(Anyway, I’ll write more in the next few days, so watch this space.)
How these two characteristics are so mutable is a mystery. The unpredictability is well known. Venus is the lover and Cupid the god of desire! A strange combination entirely. Loving and desiring being different attributes.
Planets, however, keep on turning thankfully and are stable objects. Venus has a long rotation and that gives us the time to contemplate. Conversely, a nympholeptic spirit like Cupid will spend much time pursuing a goal that cannot ever be met.
So why does Cupid have these tendencies? I guess that there must be an altruistic, natural spirit at work, with Cupid being a philanthropist in the greatest sense of the word. I suppose that we all must get our kicks somehow!
Neptune must also be considered in these matters, the odd and icy world beyond Uranus!
On a cautionary note, sometimes in days of old, a fish and a whale were often thought of as the same thing. 😀

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