Pisces continued.

As promised here is some additional blurb about Piscean relationships:

So we have it.  Two fish tied to each other by the tail, using some method in attempting an escape from a mythical monster.

One of the fishes, deluded in a nympholeptic belief and the other, crying out for love.  Let’s face it, in relationships, we are all seemingly led sometimes by those that we feel, do not really have a clue as to how they can live out their flights of fancy, (or so we would like to think.)

As mentioned in the previous excerpt;  in days of Ptolemy, (he first described the constellation of Pisces), We can only guess that any animal that swam in the sea was considered to be a fish, whether it be a whale, or a shark, or whatever. (apart from, strangely enough, a sea monster).

So, here’s the hunch?

Let’s say, for example, that one of the fish is a sardine, and the other is a large whale.  They both enjoy benthic invertebrates and the like (generally known as plankton).

Every time the whale wants to get to the plankton, it follows the sardine because the sardine knows what it needs and how to get it because it can perceive the plankton more easily.

The whale is Cupid (in metaphorical terms) and follows the sardines to a place where it’s baleen teeth can filter the different organisms.  The sardine does all the work and despite this, the whale and the sardine survive happily together.

These, of course, are purely metaphors.

The sardine can barely suspect that it is being used for an unseen purpose.  It surely cannot pull the whale.  However, does this matter?

Well yes, because if the whale goes too deep or too fast it will drown the sardine!

Also, conversely, if the fishes were, in fact, both of the same types then they would get nowhere and never escape the monster that they are supposed to be escaping from, as the legend has it.  Figuratively both going round in circles.

The shark though is also a fish.  So, had the sardine, (our Venus, in this rough analogy), teamed up with a shark, then there would be little left of the sardine and the bargain would inexorably come to an end.

The problem here, refers to which two fish represent Venus and Cupid?

Here is a problem which can only really be guessed at.  However we look at the problem, it is a perplexing one and involves the implementation of a strategy.

When all is said and done, Pisceans need a presence of enormous creativity in their world in order to decide where they sit in this conundrum.

Especially, a Piscean has a tough time in this modern economy, where creativity is only given short shrift.

A Piscean is a hard nut to crack.

However, given a long enough tethered connection and plenty of time and careful nurture, the nympholeptic aims of the Cupid Piscean soon become apparent provided that they have guidance, grounding and an inkling of common sense to the purpose of the greater good.

Whereas the Venus Piscean has the love of the quality that the Cupid Piscean most desperately desires, it runs quite a substantial risk.

To be sure, a Piscean can only be one or the other.  Any strategy between these two forces can be a delicate process involving plenty of hard-headed thinking and creativity.

When these two seemingly opposites are tethered, a simple guess would be that one organism ties the string and the other does the thinking.

We are only surmising, these ruminations (in terms of human beings), suggest that there are two types of people.

In the end, it’s only a myth.  However, behind every myth is wisdom.

As I explained in the earlier excerpt, the planets are stable entities.

Airy fairy cherubs with bows and arrows are not and exist in the imagination.

The bigger the difference between the two Pisceans, the bigger the struggle and the harder the bargain.

As a final note, the myths of sea monsters may contain more clues to our respective natures than we realise.



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