Down the Pub.

Heaven’s above and lorks-a-lordie, I am so shy, I wish that I had more confidence in the company of the fairer sex!

I need to be finally rid of this bashfulness, that is for sure.

Anyway, I had a good time yesterday evening just gone, even though the time now is creeping into the early hours of the morning.

I have been to visit a local village pub for a music session, this time as a member of the audience at a small gig.

Also, I have, since I returned home, been prolifically chatting online to those connections that I have in far distant lands that only the internet can unite, about far-flung thoughts and concepts regarding music mainly, also the nature of sound and the delights of coffee.  I think that you could have guessed that music is a major part of this blogmans world and I am an avid listener.

Yesterday’s visit was to a pub in Knebworth in Hertfordshire.  I attend here occasionally, and what a nice gig it was at that.

Mark at Lytton Arms

It was hosted by a friend of mine who was performing with his acoustic guitar and I indulged in another favourite pastime, the penchant for a hot coffee at the bar whilst taking in some of my friends solo rock set which he performed to a fairly knowledgeable and warmly attentive audience.

Incidentally, referring to the first paragraph, a nice looking lady came along to where I was stood at the bar to order drinks for herself and her friend while the music enhanced our mood.

You guessed it?, I froze, yep, I froze.  I didn’t even blabber out some incomprehensible drivel which is the usual standard practice.  I just stared awkwardly, (maybe even gawped a little), at her fashionable zipped, heeled ankle boots, although to be fair, I did try to express a smirky kind of smile politely in her direction.

I shall learn from this experience and have made some notes for future reference.

However, back to the music.  Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s performance and also the company and conversation of my well respected musical friend plus, there was a chance meeting with a semi-professional photographer acquaintance, whom astutely recognised the fact that the last time we met, I had rather more hair on my nut.

I did promise that I would never talk about leukaemia again, although I did on this occasion, (and yes, I have been in remission since November 2017), and yes, when I lost the hair all over my body, I quite liked the look and shaved the lot off when it grew back. So as not to look like a football hooligan, I now wear a nice silk scarf on jaunts away from one’s home.

I was also gratified and lucky enough to be given an extra refill of coffee by the pleasant bar steward before I ventured back into the night in the modus.   Result!



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