No one is reading this!


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There would be no point in advertising on this site because it has such a small readership, (at the moment). Although, I must add, a much-treasured readership!

No one really cares too much about what I am writing, and so I am doing it for myself, just to get used to the computer keyboard and improve one’s dexterity, or so it would seem.

I am having to really assess why I am doing this in the first place?

However, why does anyone do anything?  That is a better question!

Upcycler has finished now, I decided to disband, as I can’t afford to play music and run one’s motor car.

I dropped the Telecaster guitar today and chipped the back of it and I am a tad cross about that.  I had to lie down for a bit because of it, honestly, I could have cried! still, it continues to be very playable.

I have had a break from Facebook duties, until the autumn because I am pretty fed up with it, to be honest.  I will return to it when I have a better strategy for the dating agency page.

I must be patient.  There are some supporters out there, (love to you all by the way 🥰).  I am also doing this for them of course.

I realise that I need a girlfriend because life can be lonely being a bachelor.  Presently I am sharing the flat where I live in Stevenage with four ferocious stick insects and they are coming to the end of their life cycle now, making them terrifyingly ferocious at the moment.

Not that I talk prolifically to the stick insects, well not much anyway.  I just share space with them.

I am a philanthropist that loves music and runs his own dating agency,  The business of the dating agency is in its infancy, I am nurturing it gently and as with all things, careful planning and dedication will ensure that it succeeds.

The sperm bank at the hospital hasn’t been in touch lately, although I am not too bothered, because I have got the all clear from the doctors and I can have children if I want to.

Seemingly, the chemotherapy has had no long-lasting effect.

A friend reckoned that the sperm that I have stored in the twelve straws, is more valuable than that of a well-known film star (I won’t mention any names)!

I must concede that I am rather a novice when it comes to the thirteen symbol zodiac, to be honest, I knew more about pizza toppings than I did about astrology although I am a quick learner and two years study is beginning to pay off and I will persevere.



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