Visiting an Aunt and Making Things.


Wow, did I have a busy and fun day yesterday?

Jolly japes for the ‘Zagster’!

I looked out of the bedroom window when I awoke and even though it was a dry morning, there seemed to be a looming threat of rain later.

Firstly, I phoned up my mother.  She was up and awake earlier than usual for a Sunday.  We often talk on the telephone for about ten minutes.

Then I made some plans to visit my dear old aunt in her medium proportioned residential home, which lies in it’s picturesque, countryfied surroundings, just outside Hitchin.

I started up the ignition on the modus and set off to give the car a jet wash at the garage, before picking up a friend and dropping her at the Lister hospital, where she was visiting another mutual friend who is poorly.

The Lister hospital is conveniently situated on the way to the town of Hitchin, to where I then drove and parked up, deciding to get some flowers as a gift for my aunt, from the busy market/boot sale.

Nice pink peonies were called for and I purchased a plant, potted in an ornamental watering can from a pleasant stall holder.

I also tried a vegan sausage roll from a well known high street hot food outlet whilst in Hitchin mooching around. Nice and enjoyable it was too, I thought as I sat on a bench and watched the town going about it’s Sunday routines.

Then I got some cherry vape juice. (I do partake in imbibing a quantity of daily nicotine.  This I find helps to provide focus and motivation).

My aunt, the eldest sister of my mother, was delighted with this blooming, colourful gift (although it was wrapped in a polythene bag) and I surprised her, knocking on her door while she was watching her television.  She accepted the floral gift and happily nosed the fragrance of the pretty petalled plant in it’s the tasteful bucket, with a warm smile.

After a brief chat and catch-up with my auntie, I drove to the Baldock services.

Yesterday there were many bikers at the service station, gathered there for a Sunday meet and ride.

The weather was quite cold compared to the warm weather that we had been getting used to in these parts recently and I sat indoors at a square table when really, I would rather have been outside.

I enjoyed a medium sized mug of coffee at the well-known coffee chain inside the building and came back to Stevenage via the supermarket in Baldock, where I needed a jar of coffee, funnily enough.

Then after the short drive back to Stevenage, I went for a walk around Fairlands lakes, sporting some nice and trendy, Bluetooth headphones.  I happily and quite ‘out of the blue’, met some more relations: a niece and a nephew and his partner and their two children. They were tucking into hot chips smothered with ketchup in polystyrene dishes at the café beside the main lake.

I said hello and spoke to them about films and music for a while and then continued on one’s way round the lakes.  Then yes, as I had earlier anticipated, it started to rain rather heavily.

Cold and wet from the walk, I headed back to the modus and then went back home and parked up.

Since I’ve been at home, I’ve been chatting online with friends, whilst making useful things (See photos) and playing the guitar to a variety of blues backing tracks.

I also cooked a plentiful helping of rice and chilli adzuki beans for a late lunch.


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