A Friends Birthday Party.



I went along to the Birthday party of a friend who lives in a tower block, close to the town centre of Stevenage this evening.

I do like a nice party to go to and this one that we visited tonight was a good one as far as they go.  I don’t really get out as much as I would like to and I have been looking forward to this trip out from one’s home environs all week.

There were, however only six of us in attendance including the host.  I did expect that there would be many more partygoers, I suppose ‘it is what it is’!

The company was pleasant and we had a nice time. We spent the night talking happily and at length about mainly planetary bodies and other entities within the solar system that can be seen using a telescope and also musical associations attached to the mainly ‘rock music’ that we were listening to, although a multitude of topics was also covered.

The nibbles and cake that our host had laid on were pleasantly enjoyable, especially the fruit and nut cake, which had a large quantity of mead binding the constituent parts, this was not usually something that I would be partial to indulging in, however, it was a tasty and nourishing and relatively healthy treat.

We stayed and partied for three hours!

The weather outside is squally right now and storm ‘Hannah’ is buffeting us, in this and many other parts of the UK.  The inclemently rainy and windy weather has blown in from the Atlantic Ocean and has been with us since Friday.  The storm, with its fairly hefty gales, is a long way from the warm and sunny ‘T-shirt’ weather which we have been used to over the last fortnight or so.

I enjoyed the chance to socialise tonight and get out of the flat for some much needed free time among friendly company, away from the never-ending guitar practice (where I feel the blues so deeply, that I rarely express any feelings in any other ways than on the guitar or through dance) and the time involved in the constant computer networking needed to get this dating agency ticking along nicely.




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