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Together, a friend and I resumed our greatly-missed sessions of the sociable game of ten-pin bowling.

We met for this purpose tonight at the local leisure park’s lanes in Stevenage, after a gap of over six months.

We have plenty of fun when we meet for bowling!

We found out this time that It can be a little expensive though.

(We usually get an amount of discount, when I fill in a survey for the previous week’s session.  However, on this occasion we had to pay the full amount of over twenty pounds each)!

We enjoy each other’s company a great deal and immediately caught up with each other’s multitudinous activities since we last met.

There is, of course, a competitiveness aspect to these games and we always egg each other on with an element of comical banter and good humour.   We also always remain fair to each other and behave in a sporting and friendly manner.

We usually play three games in each session, during a couple of hours.

We enjoyed ourselves so much this evening that we plan to embark upon the resumption of this pursuit on a regular basis.


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