Wow, I’ve Started at the Gym!

I have had some professional guidance over the last year and I have been advised to keep active.

With this in mind, I have just recently joined the local gym.

The plan is to build up strength and engage in the pursuit of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Inevitably, while being treated in London, I lost lots of body weight.

Even though I have recovered well and I am in remission, the resulting outcome is that I often ache and have little muscle strength.

I’ve got a motor-car now, which means I have not been motivated to go and venture out on the bicycle any longer.

Without having the motivation to cycle, it became clear that some other strategy needed to be in place.


I plan to spend the duration of one hour, three times per week; mixing treadmill, exercise bicycle, cross tracker and weights.

Who knows, perhaps I may even find love!


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