I Dreamt an Ocean


An ocean fills my senses,

I know that I like you a lot,

Maybe I’ll love you more?

So I steal a happy glance at your new fashion.


Jupiter sings some magic in my ears.

While the stars emerge from the pale evening light.

Our sun, watching us, volcanic and raging with desire.

Sinking, golden twilight beneath the distant waves,



Moored on a river of expanding time,

We are following the sun.  Smiling, laughing and having fun.

The constellations have known of us forever,

And so I dream of you. A taste of salt on my lips.



Your flowing locks of perfumed hair,

Spaces where you dance around,

Swirling to the rhythm of the beat of my heart.

And so I hold you near. We feel the music.


Born on a mid winter’s day.

I want to meet your myriad of friends.

Where are you at? Come out to play,

There’s an ocean at our feet, so let’s dive this coral reef.


I am an asteroid falling for you through a veil of chintz.

Coming at you from outa-space,

From the deep blue universal void,

On this gorgeous, warm and magical night.