Feel the love

We rise in love

We seldom fall

Wholeness of heart

Connects us all


In Freakonomics

Jinxed and genetic

Saving a blue planet

Is so pathetic


The love we feel

Soothes the pain

We never need

To fall again


We are friends

Faded to dust

Blown upon the clouds

Swollen with rust


We need to meet

We trust enough

There’s too much hate

Wisdom of love


Above our skies

Are stars and space

Spiralling time

Zones of grace


Beyond our sun

Passion burns

To live in death

The world, it turns


Beauty soon decays

To lifeless worth

If we begin to learn

To save the earth


Money brings

A small return

Quietening bells

To slowly learn


We heard the toot

We heard the sound

Of a trumpet call

On stony ground


To live forever

In this space

To feel our love

For all our days


I smile and laugh

Inspire and feel

I dream of peace

Though I feel unreal


The fall of time

Illusions fade

Our fingers bleed

We are all betrayed


I see the future

I saw before

We could become

Like dinosaurs


Now chaos reigns

We need some order

Lands will flood

With stagnant water


Rainbow patterns leach

The colours fade

Losing trees

To financial shade


The animals won’t save us now

The fruit is nearly ready-ripe

No brave nut needs

The Zebra’s stripes


The earth will buckle

And fall apart

Before a guitarists love

Felt from the heart


Sean Ransom.