A News Catch-up

Recent events with the Leukaemia that I had and it’s remission over the last two years or so I must concede have been quite stressful.

Because I am no longer having to deal with the psychiatric services and their incompetence (in the order of large, if not epic proportions), over nearly three decades, the good health that I should be used to and expect is continuing.

Schizophrenia and Leukaemia, what a heinous combination!


I have been active and played a few gigs, singing and playing the guitar here and there in Stevenage and the surrounding villages.  It is a shame however that I really need to have a break from performing to drunk onlookers who think that they are talent show contestant judges at these so-called ‘open mic’ sessions. (I’m guessing that these members of the audience watch too many of these talent competition type programmes at home on the television).

Not all of the audiences that I come across are like this, many are though.   I can hear their thoughts now; “please entertain us, we deserve it!”

I have already had a good rant about these dire pub sessions and I will leave it there for the time being.

I am surviving on fruit and nuts presently.

Food of this kind is veritably healthy and nutritious, extremely boring to eat and not much fun at all when all is considered.  Especially when it is a solitary need.

It is also indeed a fact that it is difficult, if not impossible to survive without a fridge.

Though I have a fridge now, there was a time though when I had nothing.

Now I just have nothing to share and have evolved to survive without a fridge.

As in many walks of life, cooperation and sharing are good things and should be encouraged.

A fridge is useful for storing food, otherwise fruit and nuts become one of the few options available.

‘Care in the community’ has not encouraged this sharing of food, goodwill and spirit and has caused similar appalling situations for many of us supposedly under the care of the state.

A failed chaotic system implemented by a poorly considered government policy around about the early nineties.  (One can only assume for selfish monetary gain).  Together with a psychiatric service that seemed quite happy to discharge it’s patients with poor advice, loaded to the eyeballs with psychiatric medication into the community with no property, to troll around the pubs.

Basic human rights neglected, no legal framework in place etc. etc.

Perhaps the orchestrators were setting an example to anyone who had the gumption to stand up to them?

The patients of that era are either dead or registered on long term disablement benefits and stupified on drugs, which leave them either unable to, or content enough financially and often ‘zombified’ enough to stop them from complaining and this is enough to keep the proverbial lid from exploding from the top of this volcano-like, pressure cooker.

On a more positive note, things are going quite well at the moment and I have a few irons in theIMG_20190629_204557_3CS fire and plans ahead for the rest of the year:

I have volunteered for a well-known cancer research charity organisation and have attended some events in the hope of making a small difference to these whilst meeting some new friends.

I was also gifted some fabulous and fashionable, black leather, Cuban heeled boots the other day.

I am learning to play music on the piano keyboard for a new challenge.

The Renault Modus which I drive has been fitted with a new boot to replace the old one which had a large dent in it.  The boot came from Poole in Dorset on the back of a lorry and was sprayed and fitted with the help of a friend and his brother.

Even driving a car that looks in good nick and whilst looking as cool as I possibly can, wearing fancy shades in the warm weather that we have been having recently in the UK, alas I am still single.


Until the next time, all the very best to anyone who has made the effort to read this blog.



From Sean