Magnafest 2019

I had a great time at today’s Magnafest 2019 with some friends.
The weather held out for the most part and the sun shone for long periods which made for a pleasant summer’s experience.
I had to leave before the end of the show due to having nearly drunk enough fresh coffee during the daytime to ensure that I am so wired with the stuff that I’ll be kept awake for the following next few days and so we eventually drove home as the sun began to set over the Walkern hedgerows.
I particularly enjoyed the variety of music played today by Connor Jesse Wells, Havanah and JOANovARC with Aimi P and Clint Henderson.
We were treated to a great selection of foot-tapping combinations of rock, punk and pop numbers (both originals and covers), which were well received by those in the audience.
A friendly and laid-back atmosphere prevailed and the sound was of good quality and also had a nice balance.
Parking was a little difficult though and the roads were quite busy.
There was also some smart arse (as there often is), who remarked out of turn and implied that I should go graze in the rear field when I asked if there was a vegetarian option on the menu!!??.
There were other events that our group could have visited today, although I am glad that we went along to this one.
It was a good call because what we saw of today’s stage of this festival was enjoyable, well attended and hugely fun.

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