In Response to the University of Warwick Psychology Department’s Recent Research ‘Can you Really Trust Your Own Memories ?’ Video.

SEEING IS BELIEVING, (OR IS IT)? We all can to a greater or lesser extent remember what we see pictorially if we have the willpower to recall the detail, (especially where photographic imagery is concerned) also, both the memory and the willpower can be trained, practised and encouraged to respond and serve us more effectively over a given timescale.  Although arguably, some individuals have much greater powers of recollection than others:  Perhaps this is aptitudinal. The question that I find intriguing, is whether we remember that which we perceive in auditory terms around us, with the same neurological processes? The memory for the recollection of sound waves seems an even more curious topic because sound waves often transmit in unpredictable ways which we cannot easily construct imagery for. The fact that we would ‘like’ to believe that our memories are realistic, gives us an insight into the nature of the research explained in this youtube video. The human mind is a fascinating topic in itself and the brain can be ‘rewired’ directly or indirectly in different associative ways to suit our each and every need. The internet is awash with rehashed pictures, doctored and enhanced to suit those that produce them.  Interesting!

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