Stopped the Pigeon

pigeon trifle
Oh, good grief!
I’ve sadly, just destroyed the life of a single, solitary feral pigeon on the dual carriageway, on the way to the now daily visit to the Baldock Services this evening.
The bird made no attempt to get out of the path of the vehicle and it walked, disinterested and casually, across the road right in front of where I sat cruising in the driver’s seat.
I’m afraid to report that there was a loud bang and also a simultaneous cloud of feathers and guts that disappeared over the bonnet and onto the road behind.
There was no place to stop to attend to the animal and besides which, the pigeon was probably killed instantly during the unhappy process.
I decided to continue to Baldock nonetheless and had a nice drink of coffee and a vape, whilst quietly contemplating the demise of the poor little creature.
Luckily there was no damage to the Modus, just some plumage stuck in the grill and I didn’t even need to get the chamois out to give her a wipe down!
I have indubitably been feeling thoroughly miserable about this ever since it happened.
However, after a trip to the supermarket to get some comfort food to enjoy (a pot noodle and an incredibly large strawberry trifle) and also after a spell of serious soul searching and a few remorseful tears, I am now feeling a tad better. 😟


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