Wednesday’s Rain


Since you left nothing’s been the same,

Dark clouds loom and pour with rain,

My soul is empty, my soul feels dead,

The sky lashes coloured raindrops inside my head,


I’ve been moving on a different course,

My shredded ghost, filled with remorse,

My heart could not belong to you,

I’m feeling troubled, now born anew.


The joy once turned from dark to dust,

The games we played with love and lust,

The streaming rain gushes down the drain,

And I live and breathe to win some fun again.


The guitar plays softly, haunting blues,

While I dream of love with you my muse,

I see earth’s beauty through the narrow trees,

And I kick around the autumn leaves.


The sun has broken through this cloud,

I dream to taste your lips, to shout out loud,

Shout out to the sky and the birds that sing,

And catch the breeze upon their wings.


Wednesday’s rain falls lighter now,

I run a finger across my heavy brow,

What I have learnt from all this pain,

Will set me free to love again.

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I have grown up around music and realise it's universality. I aim to enable as many individuals to come together for peace and love throughout the world. I have specialist knowledge and enjoy all things happy and fun.. 😃

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