Bulb – ‘Tales from the Weirpool’

Here is a collection of 12 original songs produced on a short run of CD’s given away to friends, family and other supporters, during a collaboration by Bruce Chinnery and myself in 1998.  We recorded these songs on a four-track recorder in a front room setting during the months of October and November of that year.

Bruce and I had known of each other from various bands that regularly performed on the local Stevenage music scene for many years and decided together that we would record this music as a project.

Bruce accompanied the songs that I had written on the recordings and I in turn accompanied his songs.

We performed these tracks for the next few months at various venues in the area and eventually went on to become good friends.




Apache Gold.    Written by Sean Zag.

One Step, Two Step.    Written by Bruce Chinnery.

Holding on.    Written by Sean Zag.

I Believed, you Believed.    Written by Bruce Chinnery.

Easy way.    Written by Sean Zag.

In a Flash.    Written by Bruce Chinnery.

Forgive me.    Written by Sean Zag.

Michael.    Written by Bruce Chinnery.

Get a Hold of the Reins.    Written by Sean Zag.

Ice and Fire.    Written by Bruce Chinnery.

Coming Home.    Written by Sean Zag.

Sometimes Blue.    Written by Bruce Chinnery.