Last Week’s Visit to Cambridge with a Friend

Last week I drove the Renault Modus, from where I live in the Chells area of Stevenage (a new town in the county of Hertfordshire), to visit the nearby university city of Cambridge (the county town of Cambridgeshire), on the banks of the River Cam.

This journey is approximately 30miles in distance by road, in a north-easterly direction.

I was accompanied on this trip by a good and neighbourly friend.

I drove the short distance to his flat where I picked him up at about 10.15am. and immediately we set off out of town and veritably upon our way.

The traffic on the roads was mostly light and the driving conditions and visibility were both good.

During our journey, the two of us chatted happily to each other on the subjects of ‘music’ and ‘physics’, while listening to ‘techno’ beats in the background on the car’s stereo radio system.

I often ‘stream’ music from an internet radio station while driving and I have an app uploaded on the phone for this very purpose.

When we arrived close to Cambridge, we parked the car and made our way to board a clean and tidy, red double-decker bus, at the nicely laid-out ‘Trumpington Park and Ride’ scheme.  We arrived (after about ten minutes sat on the bus), along with a few other ‘park and ride’ passengers, comfortably at a bus stop near to the city centre at around midday.

Immediately after disembarking from the bus, we walked a short distance to a well-known food outlet and bought a sandwich each (both of us having earlier missed our breakfasts) and we sat on a bench observing the hustle and bustle of both shoppers and traders within the busy central market area, whilst we enjoyed our food.

We spent some time walking, whilst admiring the finely preserved historic buildings that are so apparent and we felt happy that we were indeed visiting this attractive city on such a pleasantly warm and sunny summer’s afternoon.

Although the wind did pick up from time to time, mostly the sun shone brightly and the air was warm.

On such a fine day as this, it was no wonder that the streets were incredibly busy.  Because of this, we did at one point duck into a small Italian cafe near to the main bus terminal for a hot beverage affording us some respite and enabling us to escape the multitude of foreign tourists.

While we were in the city we visited these three excellent and interesting museums;

Sean at the Sedgewick museum

  • The Fitzwilliam Museum
  • The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • The Sedgwick Museum

We began travelling back to Stevenage at around 3pm and timed our trip so that we would avoid the usual weekday, rush-hour traffic congestion.

We stopped once more for a drink of coffee on the homeward leg, at the Hertfordshire market town of Baldock, because I needed to have a short break from the driving.

On our arrival in Baldock, we were surprised to find that the coffee shop was about to close.

The kind lady proprietor did us a favour and served us (her final customers of the day) our drinks in two takeaway cups and together, my friend and I sat on a bench outside the establishment and engaged in an unusual and fascinating conversation on the topics of ‘perception’ and ‘neurochemistry’.   We both agreed that we had had a great day out, before we set off again on the road back to Stevenage.




Photos Courtesy of Scott Hudson

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