The Ghost in the Window

Kittens gambol in the fallen leaves

A rogue wolf howls regret

Love with you is a summer breeze

It feels like months since we last met

I wake to hear your purring cat

And I hum a tune for the day ahead

I lazily turn on your thermostat

And stumble out of bed

I feel like a flapping fish

Swimming in a river full of spate

I make a happy-go-lucky wish

Because I’m running late

Our love is fun and our love is bad

And then I stumble home

This could be the best fun that I’ll ever have

I guess we’ll make up later on the phone

My world would be so lonely,

And when I dream alone

I see you riding on your pony

Riding quickly ’till your gone

I’m here with you while the day drags on

Outside your window in the shade

I see something creeping next to number 51

Eyes peer down inside your cave

First I squint and then I stare

Because something isn’t right

There is no solid form that I can picture here

Was that a ghost I saw last night?

And so if you are not real, then who am I?

A recurring echo that I can’t ignore?

My prayers wish they’d said goodbye

Yet I feel safe behind your door

© Sean P. Ransom  12/9/2020.