Pete Woodroffe – ‘Trainee Rockstar’

I first met Pete Woodroffe in the early ’80s while we were in competing rock bands on the North Hertfordshire circuit.  His first band (SABRE) ended up opening for major acts such as Bernie Tormes Electric Gypsies and Paul Dianno from Iron Maiden, amongst others.

Pete and I had similar musical interests and both played lead guitar in our respective bands.

Over the years we have become great friends.                

I have decided to write this short blog about Pete Woodroffe – ‘Trainee Rockstar’ as he jokingly refers to himself!

Pete has, since the eighties made a huge impact on the local and wider music scene and has produced some high-quality recordings during this time!

Big In Small Places

Bad Poetry

Soul Searching

Smoke Em If Ya Got Em

(All currently available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube)

He is a prolific songwriter and has performed at many pubs, clubs and venues in and around the area plus many famous venues in London and continues his ‘journeyman’ approach, often performing three or four times a week!

His blend of well crafted material and charismatic performance attracts a solid and loyal fan base.

He has also had contact with a number of name musicians including Steve Lukather, Michael Mc Donald, Don Felder, Peter Frampton, Andy Mitchell (The Yardbirds) and James Bay, etc etc etc

Here is link to his Facebook page.

Click here for Pete Woodroffe’s Facebook Page





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