The Tyre Blew.

On the evening of Wednesday the 25th of September, when travelling on a trip to a local open mic session with a friend, to visit the Club 85 music venue, in the Hertfordshire market town of Hitchin, the vehicle that I drive had a puncture in one of it’s rear tyres.

We got some way towards our destination, when it soon became apparent that we would need to stop at a handy garage.

When I found one nearby, I stopped and parked in a good, safe spot and my friendly passenger decided that the journey to the open mic session could be managed by himself on foot and so I bade him a farewell and I was then left alone to tend to the vehicle.

Happily, I belong in membership, to the Automobile Association (the AA) and called them on the telephone almost immediately.

The AA vehicle arrived promptly, and the mechanic removed the punctured tyre and replaced this item with the spare tyre, which was kept in the boot of the vehicle and this task was completed within a reasonably good period of time.

I watched the mechanic whilst he went about his work and I also kept busy observing the garage with it’s many comings and goings.

I took this picture showing some part of how this mechanic went about the business of getting the vehicle back into a roadworthy state.

After a small amount of paperwork was completed and to the mechanic’s satisfaction, he then departed from the garage in his vehicle and went about his business elsewhere.

There is a pub opposite to the garage, where I then drove to partake in a hot and satisfying cup of coffee and whilst I did so, I contemplated the day events.

I got home safely and was happy.

The following day, on the recommendation of another friend, I had the tyre replaced on the vehicle, in the market town town of Baldock, for a good value price.

A quick and efficient repair was done by the fitter.

I was then ready to embark upon another trip, where I would travel many miles and the details of this trip will feature in one of the next blogs.