Love comes first. (for Anna)

Love comes first.

I looked upon a distant star

You came to me from heaven

You danced into my world

Like an angel on a mission

I praised your gentle wisdom

Felt warmth and love from afar

Queuing in line for a word with you

We chatted in your car

Space came close to chaos

And I felt gripped with fear

I pushed a button for your help

In a flash you then appeared

I saw you in the desert

I viewed you through the dust

The devil in the man she saw

She turned his soul to rust

Through eyes as large as headlights

I bathed in your sweet beauty

You rocked my empty soul to life

And set my embattled spirit free

I saw your pink bikini

Your cosmos I shall rule

For you also are my lover now

I could never be your fool



© Sean Ransom 27th of January 2020

Published by:

Sean P. Ransom

I have grown up around music and realise it's universality. I aim to enable as many individuals to come together in peace throughout the world. I have specialist knowledge and feel driven towards the pursuit of fun and happiness.

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